Kiting in Espsende, Portugal 21.- 27.Juy 2009

We landed in Lisbon and took the train to Porto.

* train in Portugal
* Wiki, Portwine

The picture is from the other side of Porto
town.  On the south side of the city you
find the Winerys and it is also here you
get the best view of the town and the best
restaurants by the river.

I can recommend 
The instructors are young and

Esposende is located 40 min by car north of Porto.
The kiting area for beginners is located on the river bank.
* map of the kiting area
* Kite instructor Caroline`s blog

If you like waves better, it is a short walk to the beach
facing the Atlantic.
We had a day doing a surf course and a day at a cable
park at a lake a bit further in from the sea.
Porto and Esposende is located in the northern part of
Portugal.  It is located on the coast with the weather and
sea coming straight in from the Atlantic ocean.  You get
sunny weather if you have wind from the north and the
wind is cold.  If you get wind from the south, you get rain
and the wind is warm. 

We headed down to Lagos (not the one in
Nigeria, though the Portugese named it
after their own city and brought Nigerian
slaves to Portugal)
* Lonely Planet Lagos
The city it self is very small and is a bit like
a city on a Greek island.  The city is
probaby built this way to protect people
from the wind.
* Kite ProCenter Lagos

It is easy to get around in Portugal.
There are trains and busses and
good roads.  Most people speak
English.  If the reason for this is the
maritime connection to England or
that movies are not dubbed, I do
not know.  It though seems to me that the
portugese are more open mineded to the
world outside.